Covid-19 = SARS-CoV-2 = Coronavirus = Wolf Virus

SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

- Summary 5/15/2020 -
- Updated 5 /1/2022 -
- Updated 8 /1/2022 -

Update 7-2022 - My wife and I are both vaccinated and boosted. We both caught covid while traveling home from South America. For both of us it was like having the 24 hour flu for 4 days. It started like I ate something I should not have. Big time diarrhea. Then came the nasal congestion then the fever. Everything hurt. That lasted for an entire day. My wife started getting a sore throat, I did not. We both had a deep cough but we only coughed 4 or 5 times a day. Deep and hard when we did cough but then it was over. A week and a half into this sickness, my wife still has a horrible cough and we both still have intestinal issues ie. diarrhea. My wife was prescribed some cough syrup and told she just didn’t deal well with covid. I recently took some Pepto Bimal and the diarrhea seems to have subsided. I finally feel recovered. It’s been 12 days for me.

I am 99% sure I had covid back in February. After our Hawaii trip, I played poker at a casino in Las Vegas and became ill with exactly the same symptoms we just recently experienced. I took one of the home covid tests but showed negative. Just last week, when my wife and I became sick, we took 2 different home covid tests. I showed positive on both tests. My wife showed negative on one and positive on the other. The one she showed negative on is the same type of test I showed negative on in February. I did not take the other test in February but wish now that I had.

We both feel we were duped into getting a vaccine that is really not a vaccine. In my world, people who are vaccinated from something do not get that something. Well, I got it twice. I refuse to be a science experiment and the fact that the government is still requiring pilots, government employees, police, fireman, ... to get "vaccinated" is nothing but a farce - a false flag if you will. They are covering something up and making people do things medically without any truth behind it. They are also compelling people to use substandard testing kits that are less than desirable. Where have you heard of test that has so many false negatives or false anything’s? Are all of the over-the-counter testing kits this inaccurate? I’m not just talking about covid tests. There are hundreds of other tests that are critical to our health. Are they as inaccurate as these covid tests we have been given? Aren’t we supposed to have an agency called the FDA that is supposed to be protecting us from unscrupulous actors? Yea – I can and will take it the next step. What is wrong with our government as a whole? Lots of words, promises, spending, and mostly lies, I think. They are giving money away at such a rate that our currency is devaluing faster than any other time in history. Democrats and Republicans. Causing inflation and keeping the fire stoked. Everything keeps getting worse. Have you heard about anything getting better?

I have renamed this virus to the Wolf Virus. Why? Because it is killing the elderly, sick, wounded, and occasional young victim. This is very much like the wolf does with the mammals that live within their territory. When we look at the population of elk or deer in a territorial area of wolves, this has been found to be healthy for the herd. There are more elderly, sick, and wounded humans on earth than any other period in human history. My whole life I have heard about survival of the fittest being a good thing. I think we are all going to get this virus before it is all said and done. Too many people are asymptomatic and pretty much only humans with comorbidities are dying.

According to the available data (see below), the flu kills fewer people worldwide than AIDS, suicide, and malaria. Covid-19 has killed less than the flu, however, reporting is suspected to be a magnitude or more fewer deaths than actually reported. Assuming the death rate is 2 times the reported amount, then Covid-19 would be killing about the same number of people worldwide as the flu.

Looking at the data from the US which is probably more accurate than world data, Covid-19 has killed right up there with Alzheimer’s and diabetes but has killed 2 times more than the flu. Assuming a large number of non-Covid-19 deaths were reported as Covid-19 deaths and reducing the reported number by 50% makes Covid-19 at least as lethal as the flu.

Therefore, I am postulating that Covid-19 is at least as lethal as the flu and probably more. If that is the case and Covid-19 does not go away, we could have 60,000 people dying from the flu and 60,000+ people dying from Covid-19 each year (120,000+ dead / year). That would put us on par with deaths from cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Not worth destroying the world economy over. I think there is also a strong possibility, assuming the population takes the necessary precautions, that cases of both Covid-19, the flu, and probably the cold will be significantly less than expected by as much as 75% because of all of the precautions that have been put in place about the spread of these type of viruses. That would put the 2021 death toll at around 30,000 or less. That would put us below a .015% /yr. death rate and would be less than all the other causes of death on my list. (6-2022 WebMD reports, "Overall, more than 771,000 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the U.S. during the pandemic. About 385,000 were reported in 2020, according to CDC data, and more than 386,000 have been reported this year" - 2021.) That is putting the death toll at around 385,500 per year on average which would be on par with OxyContin Overdoses but less than cancer or heart disease. However, the death toll is more than 10x greater than I had predicted.

However, I also believe we are all going to get this before it is all said and done. The whole purpose of the quarantine was to not overload the hospitals. It appears that has been accomplished. There are concoctions that might save most of those who get deathly ill. By 2021 there will more than likely be a vaccine or better yet an neutralising antibodies drug that has a protein that would prevent Covid-19 from attaching itself to a cell altogether. Unfortunately, I think this current breakout is merely preparing us for the true pandemic to come. Imagine if this virus were killing 10% or more of the population instead of a death rate of less than .03%. If the population and government do not take heed of using the few protections we know stops the spread of this disease, people will be dying at increased rates well into 2021 and until an appropriate number of people have been vaccinated. 8-2022 - We now know that the "vaccine" does not work. Too little too late. Too many mutations. This looks like the common cold reinvented.

Lastly, almost all of these viruses that inflict humanity are transmitted in the same way, most attack your respiratory system in one way or another, and most have many if not the same symptoms. Therefore, tracking and classifying each disease accurately is challenging. The resulting numbers may not be as accurate as desirable. However, I believe the numbers from the US are probably several orders of magnitude more accurate than those from the rest of the world. All of the numbers presented in this analysis are as close to being accurate as possible meaning I derived them from more than one source when available. I am not looking for accuracy here but am using approximations to understand how death from viral diseases compared to death from other circumstances that kill people.


Source: October 2013

This article introduces a series of invited papers in Antiviral Research marking the 10th anniversary of the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), caused by a novel coronavirus that emerged in southern China in late 2002. Until that time, coronaviruses had not been recognized as agents causing severe disease in humans, hence, the emergence of the SARS-CoV came as a complete surprise. Research during the past ten years has revealed the existence of a diverse pool of coronaviruses circulating among various bat species and other animals, suggesting that further introductions of highly pathogenic coronaviruses into the human population are not merely probable, but inevitable. The recent emergence of another coronavirus causing severe disease, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), in humans, has made it clear that coronaviruses pose a major threat to human health, and that more research is urgently needed to elucidate their replication mechanisms, identify potential drug targets, and develop effective countermeasures.

What Is Covid-19 And Where Did It Come From?

Source: Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

Researchers with the Smithsonian's Global Health Program have discovered six new coronaviruses in bats in Myanmar -- the first time these viruses have been detected anywhere in the world. Future studies will evaluate the potential for transmission across species to better understand the risks to human health. According to the authors, the newly discovered coronaviruses are not closely related to coronaviruses Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) or COVID-19. COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, which means it is caused by an animal virus that has been picked up by humans. About 80 percent of viruses that exist are zoonotic viruses, and they work in both directions: animals can pass them to humans, and humans can pass them back to animals. Researchers have found that when bats contract these viruses, their particularly strong immune systems prevent them from getting sick or dying from the infections. According to viral experts, a coronavirus exactly like Covid-19 is NOT carried by bats even though they carry several coronaviruses. As a virus jumps from species to species and within species, it mutates, which means that researchers won't see an exact copy in animals of the novel coronavirus found in humans. But scientists have found a 96 percent genetic match between the virus that's currently infecting humans and a coronavirus that is found in bats. Researchers believe that it is not likely that novel coronavirus spread directly from bats to humans, but that one or more animals at the market in Wuhan were infected by bats and served as an intermediate host in the transfer of the virus from bats to humans. It's thought that humans then came in contact with an infected animal, or animals, at the market. How exactly the virus was transmitted is still unknown, but some theories include a human consuming an infected animal or touching an infected animal during the butchering process. Scientists say it is highly likely that the virus came from bats but first passed through an intermediary animal in the same way that another coronavirus – the 2003 SARS (SARS-CoV-1) outbreak – moved from horseshoe bats to cat-like civets before infecting humans.

One animal implicated as an intermediary coronavirus host between bats and humans is the pangolin. However, no one knows for sure and this is speculation at best.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature says they are “the most illegally traded mammal in the world” and are prized for their meat and the claimed medicinal properties of their scales. COVID-19 is not the first illness that has made the leap from bats to humans. The viruses that caused SARS, MERS, Ebola, Nipah, Hendra, and Marburg can all be traced back to bats, according to the UC Berkeley researchers, although all were spread through intermediate hosts. While animals and humans have traded diseases back and forth historically, recently, outbreaks that can be traced back to animals have become more common—partly, at least, due to human behavior. However, to date, no indication has been found that would indicate this sort of transmission for Covid-19.

Was this virus created in a lab? Most virologists say no. If this was a man made virus it would have characteristics of the tools scientists have for producing and manipulating a virus and Covid-19 does not have any of these tell tale signs. There is a lot of evidence that Covid-19 is a zoonotic virus and virtually no evidence that is was man made.

Did Covid-19 escape from the lab in Wuhan China? Some virologists say the Covid-19 virus is a new coronavirus and therefore did not exist prior to the breakout in 2019 / 2020. Covid-19 is remarkably similar to SARS-1 and is its cousin, but it is not exactly the same. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was first discovered in Asia in February 2003. The outbreak lasted approximately six months as the disease spread to more than two dozen countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia before it was stopped in July 2003. According to virologists, if humans were to have manipulated SARS-CoV-1 it would look different than the current Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2. They say they can tell the difference between a virus that has been altered by humans and one that has mutated naturally. Therefore, for these reasons and others, some virologists have ruled out creation in a lab by humans.

That said, there is also the theory that the virus did come from the Wuhan laboratory that has been experimenting specifically with bat coronavirus. The Chinese CDC published this headline 5/29/20 "The Chinese CDC now says the coronavirus didn't jump to people at the Wuhan wet market — instead, it was the site of a super-spreader event". This is not saying, however, that it came from a laboratory. It is saying that they could not find any life forms at the market that have the virus.

I find it extremely suspicious that a human coronavirus outbreak started in the vicinity of a virus laboratory experimenting with the same type of viruses that are remarkably like the coronavirus that is now killing people all over the world. The only lab in the region doing just that kind of experimentation is in Wuhan China. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. My instinct says someone got infected in the lab and did not know it. They subsequently spread it to others and they spread it throughout the world. Why else would they, the Wuhan lab, have the exact genetic sequencing for the virus so quickly to provide to companies so they could start working on a vaccine?

A friend of mine sent me the following video and I think it explains the theory the best.

Source: What is a virus in the first place?

Viruses are neither dead or alive. They do not eat and most cannot reproduce on their own (RNA viruses). First seen as poisons, then as life-forms, then biological chemicals, viruses today are thought of as being in a gray area between living and nonliving: they cannot replicate on their own but can do so in truly living cells and can also affect the behavior of their hosts profoundly.

Further research by Stanley and others established that a virus consists of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) enclosed in a protein coat that may also shelter viral proteins involved in infection. By that description, a virus seems more like a chemistry set than an organism. But when a virus enters a cell (called a host after infection), it is far from inactive. It sheds its coat, bares its genes and induces the cell’s own replication machinery to reproduce the intruder’s DNA or RNA and manufacture more viral protein based on the instructions in the viral nucleic acid. The newly created viral bits assemble and, voilà, more virus arises, which also may infect other cells.

These behaviors are what led many to think of viruses as existing at the border between chemistry and life. Virologists claim their dependence on host cells, viruses lead “a kind of borrowed life.” Interestingly, even though biologists long favored the view that viruses were mere boxes of chemicals, they took advantage of viral activity in host cells to determine how nucleic acids code for proteins: indeed, modern molecular biology rests on a foundation of information gained through viruses.

Bottom line, viruses depend on the host cell for the raw materials and energy necessary for nucleic acid synthesis, protein synthesis, processing and transport, and all other biochemical activities that allow the virus to multiply and spread. One might then conclude that even though these processes come under viral direction, viruses are simply nonliving parasites of living metabolic systems.

I have never seen, nor do I want to see, a zombie apocalypse movie but it is my understanding that the zombies came from a vaccine that was designed to combat a virus and the vaccine turned some into zombies. Now go to the link and see if someone may have read this before coming up with the zombie movies.

My prediction:

Like other RNA viruses, the enzyme that copies a single-strand RNA is probably very sloppy. Replication can leave mistakes called mutations in every new copy. Often the genetic mutation will be so drastic that the progeny viruses cannot survive while infrequently the genetic mutation will become the start of new strains.

Therefore, I believe this virus will mutate rapidly and become more or maybe less contagious and lethal to humans over time, especially for those who do not get vaccinated when a vaccine becomes available. Vaccinated people will be less likely to be adversely affected by the virus and variants but vaccination will not guarantee absolute immunity. A small percentage of vaccinated people will die either from the virus or from the vaccine itself. By the time a vaccine is approved and those who are going to get vaccinated do, the virus will have mutated to the point that the vaccine will have less efficacy. I think that fewer than 70% of the US population will get vaccinated and un-vaccinated people will continue to need hospitalization and will continue to die.

There may be no escaping this virus. I have been saying all along, we are all going to get this shit sooner or later. It’s a crap shoot. Those who are unfortunate and are affected harshly from this disease, vaccinated or not, will have life altering issues including dying.

Worldwide this virus will keep mutating, like the common cold which is also a coronavirus, and people will continue to get sick and distribute variants around the world. Worldwide people will be dying from coronavirus well into 2025 and beyond.

There is mRNA technology being developed using antigen proteins that has had success stopping a pig coronavirus that gives pigs diarrhea that is devastating and almost always leads to death. Scientists have found a spike protein tha at appears to not mutate. They say that in 2 years (2023) there will be a vaccine that will eliminate all of us from getting sick from any coronavirus including the common cold.

Update - as of February 2022 - I have stopped calling the mRNA or J&J "vaccines" a vaccine. These therapeutics do not keep anyone from getting Covid-19 or transmitting Covid-19. They merely keep people from dying (but some "vaccinated" people have died) or ending up in the hospital (but a small percentage of "vaccinated" people are in hospitals). So "vaccine", I think not. The notion that "vaccinating" everyone will accomplish anything is absurd as is the requirement to be "vaccinated". If I want to take a chance of dying from something, that is my business and no one elese's.

The remaining world population will move on eventually becoming immune for whatever reason, probably some combination of vaccines, heard immunity, and loss of function mutations. Unfortunately, the time it is going to take to overcome this virus worldwide is going to be years as opposed to months.

Ultimately mankind will face a new foe at some point in the future because someone somewhere will continue experimenting with viruses and other biological genetic things without proper safeguards and someone is going to accidentally get sick somewhere in the world and off we will go again, or, another virus will jump from animals to humans. Eighter way, this pandemic will teach us nothing and everyone will forget how quickly the entire world can be affected by a scourge we cannot see and know so little about.

Lastly, as of mid-2021 it is being advertised that this coronavirus has killed somewhere around 3.5 million people worldwide. Update - 3/2022 and the news just said 6 million world wide deaths. I still think this number is wildly understated. I do not believe the rest of the world is any healthier than people living in the US, and are more likely to have health issues. I believe the US has a fairly accurate estimate and accountability of deaths from the coronavirus (~900,000 - 2022), and is probably way more accurate and transparent than other countries. However, I believe the number of deaths recorded in the US are probably overstated by as much as 10%. Assuming that is so and assuming the rest of the world has the same percentage of deaths to population as the US, and subtracting that 10% over recording by the US, the worldwide death told is really something like 20+ million people or almost 4 times more than advertised. This number will most likely grow to between 30 and 50 million deaths worldwide by 2025.

In April of 2022 the US was morning the loss of 1 million people to Covid. That is about .3% of the population of the us (333 M). Applying that percentage to the world population of 8 billion, about 24 million people, world wide, have lost their lives to Covid. My guess is that this number is probably understated.

Source: Births & Deaths World Wide

Year 2018 2020 2030
World Population 7.594 B 7.796 B 8.506 B
Deaths 56.824 M 60 M 70 M
Births 141 M 141 M 141 M
Growth 84.176 M 81 M 71 M
More Births Than Deaths 2.5 2.4 2.0
Year 2018 2020 2030
World Population 7,594,000,000 7,796,500,000 8,506,500,000
Deaths 56,824,000 60,000,000 70,000,000
Births 141,000,000 141,000,000 141,000,000
Growth 84,176,000 81,000,000 71,000,000
More Births Than Deaths 2.5 2.4 2.0

Source: Causes of Death World Wide

<%WorldPopulation = 8000000000%> <%deathsww = (WorldPopulation*.003)%> <%deathswwp = (WorldPopulation*.003)/100%> <%deaths = (6500000/WorldPopulation)%>
World Wide
Date Noted or In 2018 % Of World Population Past Total & Present per Year
Plague of Jestinian 541 - 542 100,000,000 48.5% tot
Black Plague 1346 - 1350 50,000,000 11.3% tot
World War II 1939 to 1945 60,000,000+ 3.0% tot
H1N1 1918 Spanish Flu 40,000,000+ 2.7% tot
Modern Plague 1894 - 1903 10,000,000 .6% tot
Covid-19 - 20/21/22
Using US Death %
<%=Formatnumber(deathsww,0)%>.30% /tot
Cardiovascular Diseases 17,800,000 .234% = .00234/yr
Korean War 1950 to 1953 5,000,000 .19% tot
Cancers 9,600,000 .126% /yr
6th Cholera Pandemic 1889 - 1923 1,500,000 .115% tot
Covid-19 - 20/21/22
Reported but likely very low
6,500,000<%=FormatPercent(deaths,3)%> /tot
N2H2 Asian Flu 1957 2,000,000 .07% tot
Indonesian Tsunami 2004 227,898 .07% tot
Russian Flu 1889 - 1890 1,000,000 .057% tot
Respiratory Diseases 3,910,000 .051% /yr
Vietnam War 1955 to 1975 1,353,000 .04% tot
Lower Respiratory Infections 2,560,000 .034% /yr
Dementia 2,510,000 .033% /yr
Digestive Diseases 2,380,000 .031% /yr
Hong Kong Flu N3H2 1968 1,000,000 .029% tot
Neonatal Disorders 1,780,000 .023% /yr
Diarrheal Diseases 1,570,000 .021% /yr
5th Cholera Pandemic 982,000 .020% tot
Diabetes 1,370,000 .018% /yr
Liver Diseases 1,320,000 .017% /yr
Road Injuries 1,240,000 .016% /yr
Kidney Disease 1,230,000 .016% /yr
Tuberculosis 1,180,000 .016% /yr
HIV/AIDS 954,492 .013% /yr
Suicide 793,823 .010% /yr
Flu 646,000 .009% /yr
Malaria 619,827 .008% /yr
Homicide 405,346 .005% /yr
Parkinson Disease 340,639 .004% /yr
Drowning 295,210 .004% /yr
Meningitis 288,021 .004% /yr
Nutritional Deficiencies 269,997 .004% /yr
Malnutrition 231,771 .003% /yr
Maternal Disorders 193,639 .003% /yr
Alcohol Use Disorders 184,934 .002% /yr
Drug Use Disorders 166,613 .002% /yr
Measles 140,000 .002% /yr
Conflict 129,720 .002% /yr
Hepatitis 126,391 .002% /yr
Fire 120,632 .002% /yr
Poisonings 72,371 .001% /yr
Hot and Cold Exposure 53,350 .001% /yr
Terrorism 26,445 .000% /yr
Natural Disasters 9,603 .000% /yr

OK - I get it! The world data is probably off and often an educated guess. So, I am going to look at the numbers from the USA which are probably most accurate - not perfect - but way more accurate.

<%USPopulation2019 = 329064000%> <%deathsUS = (1000000/333000000)%> <%'=formatPercent(655381/USPopulation2019,3)%>
  2018 2019/2022
USA Population327,096,000 <%=formatNumber(USPopulation2019,0)%>/333 M
Native Born   278,800,000
Legal Noncitizens   13,100,000
Unauthorized Immigrants   11,300,000
Temporary Visas   1,700,000
Other   7,064,000
Deaths USA 2,839,205 2,835,038
Births USA 3,914,685 3,941,858
Delta 1,075,480 1,106,820‬
More Births Than Deaths 1.4 1.4
Deaths Date Noted or In 2019 % Of US Population Past Total & Present per Year
Civil War - US - 1861 to 1865 618,222 2.0% tot
H1N1 Spanish Flu - US - 1918 600,000+ .6% tot
Covid-19 - US - 20/21/22 1,000,000<%=FormatPercent(deathsUS,3)%> /tot
World War II - US - 1939 to 1945 419,400 .3% tot
Vietnam War - US - 1955 to 1975 444,000 .232% tot
Heart Disease 655,381 .2% =0.002/yr
Cancer 599,274 .19% /yr
OxyContin Overdoses - Purdue Pharma fined 8 Billion in 2020 400,000+ .13% /tot
Accidents/Unintentional Injuries 167,127 .051% /yr
H3N2 Hong Kong Flu - US - 1968 100,000 .05% tot
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 159,486 .048% /yr
Cardiovascular Diseases 147,810 .045% /yr
H2N2 Asian Flu - US -1957 70,000 .04% tot
Alzheimer Disease 122,019 .037% /yr
Diabetes 84,946 .026% /yr
Korean War - US - 1950 to 1953 33,686 .023% tot
Flu and Pneumonia 59,120 .018% /yr
Kidney Disease 51,386 .016% /yr
Suicide 48,344 .015% /yr

Source: Why can't we get rid of Covid-19 like we did other viral infections?

Below is a list of virual infections that are known to kill humans.

Identified Vaccine Live
Thought Eradicated USA H
Strains Virus
Can the vaccine give you the desease
Smallpox 1796 1796 Y 1979 H NO A&R 4 variola virus
Measles 1757 1953 Y 2000 H YES A&R 3 morbillivirus
(German Measles)
1962 1969 Y 2004 H YES A&R 4 rubella virus
Polio 1908 1955 Y 1979 H YES F 3 poliovirus
Mumps 1934 1967 Y - H YES A&R 1 Rubulavirus
Flu 1933 Y Y - H&A YES A&R 4 Influenza
Covid-19 2020 "Y" China = Y
US = N*
- H&A YES A&R ? SARS-CoV-2
Cold 2001 N - - H&A YES A&R 200+ rhinoviruses
Ebola 1976 2019 Y - H&A YES BF 5 zaire ebolavirus
Chickenpox 1875 1970's Y - H&A YES A&R 2 varicella zoster
HIV/AIDS 1984 N - - H&A YES BF 60+ lentivirus

" " = true vaccine?
* = US vaccine is the 1st of its kind. It is a mRNA "vaccine" causing the immune system to create a protein that stops the virus from infecting cells.
A&R= Aerosol and respiratory droplets. BF = Certain infected body fluids. F = Infected fecal - oral transmission through food, water, saliva. H = Human. H&A = Human and Animal.

Unfortunately, all the so called "vaccines" for Covid-19 have failed at being a vaccine in my opinion. Vaccinated people can get and transmit the latest variants of Covid-19. These "vaccines" are intended to only keep people from dying or becoming sick enough to require hospitalization and they only target very specific strains.

It is my understanding that vaccines are intended to keep you from getting an infection as opposed to getting rid of an infection after you get it. For example, there is no treatment for smallpox. Once a person was infected it was impossible to treat them; one could only helplessly let the disease run its course. It might be possible that modern antiviral drugs would now allow a treatment of the disease if the disease still existed but since they have never been tested on infected humans, their effectiveness remains unknown.

I should also point out that most of the viruses we are dealing with these days are RNA viruses. RNA viruses have exceptionally high mutations rates because their replications enzymes are prone to errors when making new virus copies. RNA viruses cannot replicate on their own.


Unlike the flu and Covid-19, smallpox, polio and measles infects ONLY humans and NOT animals.

Unlike smalpox, doctors have been working on ending polio for 31 years, initially hoping it would be completely gone by 2000. Now, due to difficulties tracking the disease, the target eradication date for the remaining type 1 strain is 2023.

Like the flu and Covid-19, humans are infected with the variola virus by coming in touch with droplets of a smallpox-infected patient. A healthy person can become infected if they inhale fluid droplets from another infected individual.

Smallpox and measles make their presence clearly and unambiguously known by a rash of pustules covering a patient’s entire body for smallpox and red bumpy rash for measles. You can’t be infected and contagious but still appear healthy. Unlike smalpox and measles 95% of those infected with polio do not display any symptome with a few displaying generic symptoms like headache or fever. Therefore, tracking of polio is significantly more difficult.

While an infection of the variola minor virus would lead to death with a probability of less than one percent, the case fatality rate of the variola major virus has been estimated to be around 30%.

Unvaccionated, smalpox can kill between 1 and 4 per 1,000 population. For the US population in 2018 that would be between 327,000 and 1,300,000 people. It is estimated that the smalpox vaccine has saved roughly 200 million peoples lives.

Now let me blow your mind!
Try to wrap your head around this.

At the equator the earth spins at 1000 miles per hour = 1609 kilometers per hour.

The earth rotates around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour = 107,826 kilometers per hour.

The sun is rotating around the galaxy at about 559,000 miles per hour (250 km/s according to Vera Rubin, the lady who discovered this in the 1970's). In fact, the majority of the suns in all galaxies rotate around their respective black hole very close to this same speed. One would expect the rotation to be much like our solar system where the outer planets rotate slower and the inner planets rotate faster. Not so for the stars in a galaxy. Stars, at many varying distances from the black hole at the galaxy center, are all rotating at the same speed. This results in the pinwheel shapes common to most galaxies. No one really knows exactly why this is. It is being explained as the result of dark matter.

Our galaxy, along with the local group of galaxies, is moving through space at about 1,340,000 miles per hour = 2,156,521 kilometers per hour.

Astronomers speculate that space is expanding at about 152,112 miles per hour = 244,801 kilometers per hour.

Add it all up and we are traveling through space at more than 2,000,000 miles per hour = 3,218,688 kilometers per hour. Other estimates say upwards of 2.8 million miles per hour = 4.5 million kilometers per hour. That is somewhere between 550 and 800 miles per second = 1,288 kilometers per second. At that speed you could travel from the earth to the moon, 238,900 miles away, in under 6 minutes. In any case, it is fast - damn fast.

It's hard to imagine traveling that fast. It's impossible to relate to these speeds especially when we feel like we are standing still in space.

As a comparison, the speed of light is 6.706e+8 mph or 670,600,000 miles per hour which is about 671 million miles per hour or about 186,000 miles per second ~ 300,000 kilometers per second.

That is about 300 times faster than we are traveling through space.

I should also mention is that in addition to moving through space at such an extreme speed, our sun with the planets moves up and down through the plane of our galaxy like a merry go round while traveling around the galaxy. This merry go round up and down oscillation is on a 60,000 year cycle. So, this up and down movement through the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy takes us into areas of our galaxy that may be less desirable than others. It could take us through debris clouds or near magnetars or black holes that could cause havoc in various catastrophic ways for the earth.

New Discoveries

Very cool and mind-blowing!

New space telescopes are allowing astronomers to verify structures in the universe that are contradicting much of what science has considered fact for many years. Galactic clusters are being found that have the experts conflicted. Recently a circular cluster of galaxies have been discovered that spans 1.3 billion light years. In fact, we are looking at a helix (corkscrew) structure on end (blue stars), so the galaxies form a circle from our perspective. Prior to this, other large structures of galaxies known as walls have been discovered that are hundreds of billion light years in size.

Why is this so important?

The mere fact these structures exist contradicts the notion that a "big bang" started our universe some 13.7 billion years ago. All the theories regarding the notion of a "big bang" contend these galaxy clusters cannot exist. Matter must be distributed more evenly throughout the universe. These findings may well change the way we look at the beginning of our universe and its age.

Did you know?
The universe has more platinum atoms than silver atoms? Platinum is the pricier metal because on earth it is much rarer than silver because billions of years ago much of the platinum and gold sank out of the earth's crust and into its core. There is an estimated 6 times more platinum than gold in the earth's core.

Why Is Earth's Weather Changing?

Now let's look at the Earth's path through space and how it affects the weather. Global warming or cooling - absolutely. Manmade - a little but nothing like earth itself. No doubt humankind is contributing to weather change, but the earth's orbit will override and exceed anything man will do.

Why you ask?

The Earth's rotational axis is tilted slightly ranges between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees and is currently 23.5 degrees. The Earth's axis rotates around this circle once every 20,000 years.

The north star today is Polaris, however, 5 thousand years ago it was a different star altogether (Theban) and thousands of years from now it will be Vega. Today the orientation is the northern hemisphere is leaning away from the sun. This position is why the Sarah Desert is a desert where it was more tropical, wet, and green 15,000 years ago.

The Earth's orbit around the sun is also not constant and varies widely over time. Today the Earth's orbit around the sum is almost circular so summers and winters are mild. However, due to influences from the Sun and moon, Earth's orbit can go slightly elliptical. The cycle between elliptical and circular is 100,000 years. The effect of this orbital change will be hotter summers and colder winters.

Jupiter and Mars have an even bigger effect on Earth's orbit where a 405,000 year cycle takes the Earth's orbit on an extremely elliptical orbit. This orbit is thought to have been responsible for snowball earth several times in Earth's past.

Yes, Earth's climate is changing, and it is going to change way more dramatically than any of us can imagine. All these orbital changes have happened several times in the past and will happen again many more times in the future. 20,000 years from now there will be vast changes where the Sarah Desert will be green again. But these changes will be the result of the Earth's orbit around the Sun and will probably have little to do with human evolution.

Another event not often associated with weather disturbances is the occasional flip of earth's magnetic field known as geomagnetic reversal. Earth's magnetic poles are not static. The magnetic poles wander and occasionally reverse around every 200,000 to 300,000 years. The Earth's magnetic field has reversed nine times during the past four million years. The last known complete 180-degree magnetic pole shift last happened 42,000 years ago and took approximately 1000 years to complete the shift. As of late, Earth's magnetic North pole has wandered considerably on a path toward northern Russia. Scientists know that Earth's magnetic field has weakened about 9% in the past 170 years. The magnetic North pole has also been drifting more rapidly since the 1990s, at a rate of 30 to 40 miles per year.

The pole shift 42,000 years ago is suspected to have contributed to the demise of Neanderthal's. While the poles were shifting, additional cosmic rays and high-energy particles from outer space would have depleted ozone concentrations, opening the floodgates for more ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere over a long period of time. Shifting weather would have expanded the ice sheet over North America and dried out Australia, prompting the extinction of many large mammal species. Solar storms, meanwhile, might have driven ancient humans to seek shelter in caves. As competition for resources grew, our closest extinct human relative, Neanderthals, may have died out.

Problems in the near term.

As the moon orbits the earth the two celestial bodies that affect it the most are the earth and the sun. They line up in ways that influence how gravity acts on the earth. The phenomenon is what causes ocean tides to wax and wane. This gravitational pull differs from year to year.
To us, the moon appears to "wobble" in space. This is due to the tilt, velocity and shape of the moon's orbit which takes 18.6 years to complete. Half of the cycle suppresses tide activity by making high tides lower than normal and low tides higher than normal. But the other half exacerbates them. Therein lies the problem.
According to NASA. the moon is currently in the "tide-amplifying part of its cycle". By mid-2030, when this intensified series returns, people living in coastal cities may be dealing with severe floods "every day or two."
Why you ask?
This natural yet amplified lunar cycle will be coupled with higher sea levels caused by global warming, triggering a decade of dramatic surges in the number of days with high-tide flooding on nearly all mainland coastlines in the world. High-tide flooding is projected to exceed thresholds across the world more often and occur in clusters that last a month or longer, the NASA Sea Level Change Science Team of the University of Hawaii said. Their study was published last month in the journal Nature Climate Change.

These kinds of floods are already plaguing many cities on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. In 2019, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported more than 600 such floods, which occur when high tides reach about 2 feet above the daily average "and start spilling onto streets or bubbling up from storm drains." The problem, researchers say, is that these events are often considered less important or damaging than floods caused by hurricanes, for example, because they involve smaller amounts of water.
But "it's the accumulated effect over time that will have an impact," study lead author Phil Thompson, an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii, said in a statement. "If it floods 10 or 15 times a month, a business can't keep operating with its parking lot under water. People lose their jobs because they can't get to work. Seeping cesspools become a public health issue." What's more, these repeated events will eventually occur in clusters in about a decade when the moon's amplified wobble merges with future higher seas, the team says. The dangerous cocktail is predicted to spark increased high-tide flooding over a short period of time, creating extreme months of activity.
The bottom line - the world is headed for coastal flooding without rising sea levels. With rising sea levels coastal catastrophe is eminent.

We know greenhouse gases can change the climate based on multiple lines of scientific evidence point to the increase in greenhouse emissions over the past century and a half as a driver of long-term climate change around the world. Laboratory measurements since the 1800s have repeatedly verified and quantified the absorptive properties of carbon dioxide that allow it to trap heat in the atmosphere. Simple models based on the warming impact of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere match historical changes in temperature. Complex climate models, recently acknowledged in the Nobel Prize for Physics, not only indicate a warming of the Earth due to increases in carbon dioxide but also offer details of the areas of greatest warming. Long-term records from ice cores, tree rings and corals show that when carbon dioxide levels have been high, temperatures have also been high. The chart below shows the change in temperature vs CO2 levels over time. It is an obvious correlation.

Does the below graphic concern anyone?
Fires across Canada - summer 2023. 130 fires across Canada spring of 2024.

Dilation equation

But there is more to our travels through space than drastic changes in the weather.

Mass extinctions of life on Earth appear to also follow regular patterns based on our solar system traveling up and down in relation to the galactic plane.

Widespread die-offs of land dwelling animals - which include amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds - follow a cycle of about 27 million years.

Additionally, these mass extinctions coincide with major asteroid impacts and devastating volcanic outpourings of lava, rock, and a lethal amounts of deadly gases poisoning the atmosphere.

Global mass extinctions are presumably caused by the largest cataclysmic impacts and massive volcanism, perhaps sometimes working in concert.

Paleontologists had previously discovered that similar mass extinctions of marine life, in which up to 90% of species disappeared, were not random events, but seemed to come in a 26 to 27 million year cycle.

These new findings of coinciding, sudden mass extinctions on land and in the oceans, and of the common 26 / 27 million year cycle, lend credence to the idea of periodic global catastrophic events as the triggers for the extinctions.

Three of the mass annihilations of species on land and in the sea are already known to have occurred at the same times as the three largest impacts of the last 250 million years, each capable of causing a global disaster and resulting mass extinctions.

These impacts can create conditions that would stress and potentially kill off land and marine life, including widespread dark and cold, wildfires, acid rain and ozone depletion. The most infamous asteroid strike we know of is the one that killed off the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago, which overall wiped out 70% of the species on Earth.

It seems that large-body impacts and the pulses of internal Earth activity that create flood-basalt volcanism may be marching to the same 26 / 27 million year drumbeat as the extinctions, more than likely paced by our orbit in the galaxy.

And as for where we are in the current cycle, we are about 20 million years away from the next predicted mass extinction that's due to a comet strike or volcanic activity.

How could this be? Aren't asteroid or comet impacts completely random? Not so. Because our sun with the planets travels up and down through the plane of our galaxy like a merry go round while traveling around the galaxy, our planet will pass through a crowded part of our Milky Way galaxy about every 26 / 27 million years. During those times, comet and meteor showers are more likely, leading to large impacts on the Earth.

The above study was published 12/11/2020 in the journal Historical Biology.


Mark has had a theory for a very long time. We know from Albert Einstein that time and space are relative and therefore are not constant. Affecting one affects and changes the other. Gravity warps space and also time. Speed also warps time. Time runs slower wherever gravity is strongest. This is because gravity curves space-time. Also, the faster the relative velocity between two people or places, the greater the time dilation between one another. Dilation equation Dilation equation They say this rate of time diminishes to zero as one approaches the speed of light. This effect is not linear. It is exponential like the Mohs hardness scale or the Richter earthquake scale. For sufficiently high speeds, near the speed of light, this effect is dramatic. For example, a persons perceived one year of travel near the speed of light might correspond to ten years of time on Earth. That said, our time here on earth is influenced by speed because, as you know, we are traveling through space at somewhere around 2+ million miles per hour. So we can see that our perceived time is slower, about 0.5% slower, than the time of something standing still in space. We also know on earth we are influenced by the gravity of the earth, the sun, and the galaxy we are traveling through space in so our perceived time is also slowed by all that gravitational influence. This effect is also exponential where higher gravitational influence cause the most dramatic effects. Adding up the slowing of our time resulting from our speed and the gravity that is influencing us means that our perceived time is slower than actual time in space without these influences. So, when we look out into the universe, we see the universe not only expanding but speeding up (accelerating) because our time is running slower than what we are looking at. Therefore, Mark doubts that the speed of galaxies in the universe are accelerating away from one another as scientist's have speculated. The universe is expanding, maybe, but not accelerating. Mark has been mulling over this concept for years. Some think this concept has merit and many think it is nuts. What do you think?

One of the newest ways of looking at the expansion of the universe, and a remarkably interesting one indeed, speculates that the galaxies in the universe are all speeding away from one another as a function of their distance from the observer where some galaxies are traveling away from us at more than the speed of light. This is because space in that area of space is expanding at greater speeds the farther something is away. So, a galaxy 4 light years away is traveling away from us 4 times faster than a galaxy 2 light years away. If we were to travel at the speed of light in one direction, there would be galaxies disappearing before our eyes because they are so far away that they are moving away from us faster than the speed of light because, where they are, space is expanding faster than the speed of light. Furthermore, this expansion of space in all directions is going on relative to every other point in space. What makes no sence to me is that to some observer far far away, we should then be expanding faster than the speed of light but we do not see that kind of expansion in our area of space? And, this expansion is supposedly all caused by a substance we can neither see and apparently does not affect us - dark matter and dark energy. Called dark because we have no idea what it is but without it the universe, mass wise, does not work.

Moving on - they say the H0liCOW estimate puts the Hubble constant at about 71.9 kilometers (44.7 miles) per second per megaparsec (one megaparsec equals about 3.3 million light-years). In 2001, Dr. Wendy Freedman determined space to expand at 72 kilometers per second per megaparsec - roughly 3.3 million light years - meaning that for every 3.3 million light years further away from the earth you are, the matter where you are, is moving away from earth 72 kilometers a second faster. In 2015, another team, using observations of the cosmic microwave background, determined the rate was 67.8 kilometers per second per megaparsec. Time dilation in a gravitational field is equal to time dilation in far space, due to a speed that is needed to escape that gravitational field.
Here is the proof:

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If you read the article the link takes you to, remember that it was not too long ago that scientists thought it was impossible to travel faster than the speed of sound. The pressures spikes to infinity at the Mach 1 barrier but then decrease beyond it. After breaking the barrier, it becomes easier to go faster to Mach 2 and so on.
Dilation equation Dilation equation

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Dilation equation     Dilation equation